welcome to john daniels band

John Verbocy, Drew Azzinaro, and Kevin Urso.

On the verge of great things, John Daniels Band has played their dues on the live circuit, with countless performances under their collective belts. See what all the fuss is about. Now, the band is recording their first album, out soon. Combining various styles, their debut will catapult them into the mainstream. You heard it here first. John Daniels Band is the brainchild of frontman and lead songwriter John Verbocy, whose raspy, warm vocals always tug on the heartstrings. John isn't a lyricist, he's a storyteller who weaves emotional narratives of love and love lost. "And the sun will put the moon to sleep," he sings over an acoustic guitar. There's no facade. No filter. It's authentic and passionate, unlike most of today's commercial music. John Daniels Band is the culmination of all of John's works as a singer and musician. He hails from Buffalo, New York.

A special thanks to my fellow band mates Drew Azzinaro and Kevin Urso. Without them, the music would not be possible. We are working hard in the studio and cannot wait to share our music.